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The McScM Framework

Heußner, A.; Gall, T. L. & Sutre, G. McScM: A General Framework for the Verification of Communicating Machines Proc. of TACAS'12, Springer, 2012, 7214, 478-484


We present McScM, a platform for implementing and comparing verification algorithms for the class of finite-state processes exchanging messages over reliable, unbounded FIFO channels. McScM provides tools for the safety verification and controller synthesis of these infinite-state models. Our verification tool implements several model-checking techniques: CEGAR with different abstraction-refinement methods, abstract interpretation, abstract regular model checking, and lazy abstraction. Seen as a general framework for the class of transition systems with finite control/infinite data, McScM delivers the basic infrastructure for implementing verification algorithms, and privileges to conveniently implement new ideas on a high level of abstraction. It also allows us to compare and benchmark different algorithmic approaches with the same backend.


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